March 23, 2016

TATP Explosives Material Warning

This information is being provided due to the announcement from ISIS that their attackers will be using the TATP explosive.  The following is what Public Safety Officers and First Responders need to know about this highly volatile homemade explosive.

 1.  TATP (Triacetone Triperoxide) is a homemade, high explosive material made from three common chemicals that include Acetone and Hydrogen Peroxide.Its strength is approximately 80% of TNT with a RE Factor 0.80.

 2.  TATP looks like a drug powder. It is a white-yellow-brown crystalline powder that looks like meth or cocaine.

 3.  Warning: Officers using a field drug test kit can cause TATP to detonate due to the sulfuric acid in the test kit. To not use a field drug test on powder that could be TATP.

 4.  Terrorists use TATP (like Richard Reid, The Shoe Bomber) because it is hard to detect. This is because it does not include Nitrates. Most detection equipment trigger on nitrates that are included in most other explosive materials.

 5.  Terrorists call TATP “The Mother of Satan”. TATP is extremely volatile and dangerous to make. TATP can be extremely sensitive to shock, heat and impact and can detonate on its own. It will wound or kill a percentage of bomb makers.

 6.  First responders should watch for signs of bomb makers making and testing:

  • Medical patients with burns or blast injuries

  • Explosion sounds and craters left in the ground

 7.  Acetone and Hydrogen Peroxide can be purchased in industrial strength amounts from beauty supply, pool supply companies and hardware stores.

8.  TATP explosions may not include an orange blast, and can detonate underwater.

 Acetone Pperoxide Crystals

TATP looks like a drug powder and is extremely volatile.  

Update:  This TATP material was used to injure a tourist in Central Park, NY, July 4, 2016

For more information, contact:

Jack W. Peters, President-Instructor

Office Telephone 541 726-2660