Public Safety Testimonials

Public Safety Testimonials 2015

“Jack, I wanted to follow up and Thank You again for an Amazing Class! Very well Put together and we learned a lot. The Hands on part of the class and setting up such a wide variety of explosives and having to work together in different teams to do the detonations was great too. The class far exceeded our expectations and I would highly recommend it!”
– Kevin Swanson. President, U.S. Tactical Supply Inc., Albany, Oregon

“In today’s world, every First Responder should take this course.”
– William McKnight, Knights School

“Good book and good education for security, law enforcement and other people that are in the field. Today terrorism is at such a high risk and this book tells you what to look for. All in all, a must have and the guys that wrote the book are very knowledgeable.”
– Wesley Burton, Jefferson Enforcement Security, Kentucky

“Few classes blend the rich information, hands-on experience and enjoyment in a teaching experience as this class.”
– K. Vickery, VA’s Office

“The First Responder class allows you to see a threat first hand, which we must now view as a reality.”
– Jake Koski, Jefferson County Sheriff Deputy

“Great class, well worth the time and money, learned a lot in just 8 hours of class and field training that you won’t learn from others. Best part is you get to participate with the different kinds of explosives and watch the power of it. I give it a 5 star out of 5. I’ll be looking into future advanced classes. Thanks for the class Jack W. Peters!”
– Zack-Kim Wilson, Umatilla Fire

“Thanks so much Jack, the class was great! I wouldn’t change a thing and the book is a great reference. Thanks again for expanding my knowledge. You and your guys have an interesting job and lives and I enjoyed the “energy” both chemical and personality that you all brought to the class.”
– Leilani Monson, RN, Senior Health Compliance Officer, Oregon OSHA

“On behalf of our membership and the OVFA Board of Directors, I would like to extend our appreciation to you for your presence and expertise at this year’s OVFA training conference, June 17-20, 2015, in Pendleton, Oregon. The Training and knowledge you provided to our attendees was very well received, informative, and thought provoking. Thank you again for your dedication for training Oregon volunteer firefighters.”
– Rex Parks Sr., President, Oregon Volunteer Firefighters Association.

“Jack; it was an excellent class, the presentations by you and all your staff was great, and the field work was top notch and on a level we could understand. I would recommend the training to anybody. Great job!”
– Rod Cameron, Oregon OSHA

“Many, many thanks to you and your Team. It was definitely time well spent and very informative & quite literally a Blast!”
– Billy Rogers, SWAT Magazine

“I just wanted to let you know that I thought the class was presented very well and I learned a lot. I enjoyed meeting the other participants and had a very fun time. You will be hearing from me in the future for more of your classes.”
– Capt. D. Pitmon, G4S Secure Solutions USA

“Thank you Jack for the opportunity to learn about explosives and be such a more knowledgeable officer. This training would be very beneficial to any security officer.”
– L. Craft, G4S Secure Solutions

“Although I have been working with explosives for a number of years, I found the AEG class to be thorough, informative and enjoyable.  Jack exposed me to some new ideas and held my attention, even during the regulatory requirements portion of the class.”
– Vic Elam, Fish & Wildlife, Hartford, Kansas

“Thank you very much. I had a fantastic time and learned a lot! You have a really great operation.”
– Troy M. US Navy

“Had a great time training with Jack and the great people of AE Group! Look forward to additional AEG training in the future!”
– C, Titis, Linn County Sheriff’s Office SWAT

“Excellent training, the team building element was very helpful!”
– M. Stuart, BIC, Utah DOT

“Informative, interesting and interactive. Much better than any other training we have had before!”
– Andrew, BIC, Utah DOT