Dragon Law Enforcement Products

AEG Dragon Logo TextWe are so pleased to announce the Dragon™ product line of our IED Disrupter and Breaching Bags! The IED Disrupter is a Directional Shaped Charge Water Impulse Charge. 

Dragon Propane IED ready

It shoots a jet of water through an IED device, destroying it while preserving the bomb’s components and evidence.

Jack showing destroy IED

The propane tank IED’s components were destroyed preventing a detonation.

Suitcase blast 1

Suitcase IED destroyed

One pound of explosives sends the suitcase IED into pieces.

Why use water tamping for an IED Disrupter or for door breaching?

  • Use for heavy door Breaching (safer by eliminating contact with door)
  •  Water tamping doubles the efficiency of explosives
  • Can accept up to 6.5 pounds (2.9 KG) of explosives for demolition
  • Proven designs used by U.S. special military units around the world!


This linear Water Impulse Charge is the ideal door breacher. 

Hing charge on doorHinge blast 2 good crop

Jack folded hing door

Three strips, (21 feet) of 25 GPF Det Cord will fold a steel door in half and drop it off its hinges. 

Ideal for hollow steel or solid wood doors.


Water Impulse Charge is the ideal heavy door breacher.

EZ Breach C4 pouch bag

One pound of C-4 will blow a very heavy steel or solid wood door off its hinges with high velocity. 

Reserve use for extreme circumstances only.

For Specs and Pricing, please download our PDF File

AEG Public Safety 2016 Catalog

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