Commercial Testimonials

Commercial Testimonials

“We wanted to thank you again for the training. We all enjoyed the class and got a lot of good information.  It definitely helped our confidence level with blasting work. The teambuilding information was helpful and we would like to apply the information to our crews to further improve our teams.”
– Jeff Gillan, Project Manager “D”  Construction, Inc. Coal City, IL

“Thanks so much Jack, the class was great! I wouldn’t change a thing and the book is a great reference. Thanks again for expanding my knowledge. You and your guys have an interesting job and lives and I enjoyed the “energy” both chemical and personality that you all brought to the class.”
– Leilani Monson, RN, Senior Health Compliance Officer, Oregon OSHA

“Jack; it was an excellent class, the presentations by you and all your staff was great, and the field work was top notch and on a level we could understand. I would recommend the training to anybody. Great job!”
– Rod Cameron, Oregon OSHA

“Thanks again for the wonderful training experience Jack. I appreciate the opportunity you gave me.”
– Dr. Robert Kugel, Washington State

“I wanted to thank you for the class last November. I certainly learned a lot. I made it through UXO training and wanted to let you know that some of what I learned in your class helped me during the training. It was a good base to be comfortable with some of the concepts and a good understanding of them helped pave the way during some learning points.”   Thank you!
– Tyler Bergstrom, Alaska

“Although I have been working with explosives for a number of years, I found the American Explosives Group class to be thorough, informative and enjoyable.  Jack exposed me to some new ideas and held my attention, even during the regulatory requirements portion of the class.”
– Vic Elam, Hartford, Kansas

“I just got my ATF license/permit and couldn’t be happier. Thank you for putting on a great class. My ATF agent said I had an application perfection, the first one she’d seen. I most certainly couldn’t have done it without your class!”
– Thanks, Tim Fleener

“The AEG course on blasting and explosives was informative, pragmatic, safe, fun and worth every penny. Jack was very knowledgeable in the classroom and flexible and open-minded in the field, while still maintaining a safe and secure environment. We covered a lot of ground in a full day of instruction and then followed that up with an entire day of hands-on training in the field. I was pleasantly surprised that we had the opportunity to apply so many of the techniques covered in the class during our field training. The course truly was a blast!”
– Scott, Jasper, Oregon

“Excellent training, the team building element was very helpful!”
– M. Stuart, BIC, Utah DOT

“Informative, interesting and interactive. Much better than any other training we have had before!”
– Andrew, BIC, Utah DOT

“The explosives class was educational, informative, and whole lot of fun! I especially appreciated Jacks ability to shape the class for field applications pertaining to practical use of explosives according to my particular needs in a work environment. Northwest Explosives classes are always informative and safe, thank you Jack and your team for providing the great experience that is Northwest Explosives Academy!”
– Sincerely, Rob Spalletta, Grants Pass, Oregon

“The class was really great, and helpful in me getting my own ATF Type 33 Permit.”
– Craig, Mining Company owner, Sumpter, Oregon

“This class is amazing! There is no other program like this anywhere else to get this kind of hands on experience.”
– N. G. Dordon, Grants Pass, Oregon

“Thanks for a great class in November, 2012. I learned a lot on blasting, explosives, laws, paperwork, etc because you broke everything down so good on the first day and answered every question we had. The 2nd day was great because of all the information you gave us and all the hands on we got with the explosives. I will and have told friends and co workers about your classes and i cant wait to get some time to get to a 2nd class of yours.” Thanks!
– Jason Dudra miner at NV milling & mining LLC

“I learned more usable knowledge about explosives in two days than I thought was possible. Great course, well worth the time and money. Excellent job Jack. Thanks again.”
– Jeff K, Gold mine owner, Nevada

“Never had more fun learning! Made for an incredibly entertaining and knowledgeable weekend. Class time was well presented and I was extremely pleased to see the provided materials follow right along. Occasional notes to take, but the provided book allowed me to focus entirely on the discussion and questions. Hands-on training was truly valuable providing real life scenarios to put our education to the test. Thanks to everyone involved, will recommend to anyone looking to expand their skills.”
– Jay Verburg , Syfy’s Ghost Mine, Portland, Oregon

“Blew my socks off! I learned more than I ever imagined. The team couldn’t have been a more professional and enjoyable group of individuals.”
– Jamol DeClair, Syfy’s Ghost Mine, Portland, Oregon

“The class at NW Explosives Academy was all I expected and more. Great curriculum and the hands on field experience was outstanding. Looking forward to another class.” Thanks!
– Rick Foster – Arizona

“I traveled across the country to meet Jack and take a class from Northwest Explosives. Jack has been very helpful and has always answered my questions quickly and kindly. The class was a great primer to launch me into my own permit. To all who are on the fence, go for it! It will be well worth your time”
– Rendale Meyer, Nebraska

“Jack, Wow thanks for the class, it was a great adventure! I am excited about becoming a blaster and learning more about rock demolition and looking forward to doing more training with you.”
– Fred W., California

“The book titled Explosives and Blasting by Jack W. Peters, is the most comprehensive and affordable book on the market. I have spent a lot of time searching online for a good educational book on blasting and all the books I came upon were either big text books that had an outrageously high price or were small affordable books that included hard to read text with outdated information. On the other hand, this book on Explosives and Blasting is enjoyable from beginning to end and effectively provides all the needed information on the subject. By reading through the book I found it really easy to understand all the techniques and terminology through well worded text and great illustrations. In addition, the book comes with a DVD which provides the opportunity to visually watch and better understand all the information provided in the book through a vast array of great blasting demonstrations. By reading and watching this book and DVD combo it is obvious that there is no other product that can offer superior insight with the convenience of an affordable price. I also enjoyed the class, it was more than I expected.” Thank you!
– Brandon M. Hernandez, California

“I recently attended one of the two-day courses and found it to be well worth the time and effort it took me to drive to western Oregon from Austin, Texas. I heartily recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn blasting or obtain their ATF explosives permit.”
– Franklin Roberts, Austin, Texas

“EXPLOSIVSES and BLASTING is one great book!”
– Charles Harrod, owner, Blasters Tool & Supply

“As a beginning small scale blaster, with no experience, this class was exactly what I had been searching for to compliment my intense study of the available written material on the subject. There is simply no substitute for “hands on” guidance, and this class provides just that. I am now much more confident in my ability to handle and use explosives, properly, safely and legally.”
– Joe S. CPA, Newport, California

“The only program I found in the country for real hands-on training. Highly recommended if you are serious about learning how to blast legal and safe.”
– Bill G. Portland, Oregon