Commercial Explosives Training

We are absolutely dedicated to the safe, legal and professional use of explosive materials as we wish to advance the profession and skill level of those in the explosives industry.

Commercial Explosives and Blasting

Two-day classroom and explosives field training program.  Covers explosives regulation, safety, security and commercial explosive products and techniques.  Students will learn to become safer and more efficient blasters!  $1,250.

  • ATF regulation including licensing, storage and transportation

  • Learn explosive material types, forms and classifications

  • Learn explosives drilling and blasting basics

  • Students safely detonate explosives, caps and fuse materials

  • Blasting includes: hard rock, boulders, logs, as well as dirt removal

  • Students learn Leadership and Team Building skills

  • We will help you get your ATF License

 Download the PDF:  AEG Commercial Class Brochure 2-16


  All training includes:

  •  Classroom and field blasting
  •  Safety and protective gear including hardhats, glasses and hearing protection
  •  Text book and all materials
  •  Certification of Completion with the number of training hours
  •  Students classified under our Explosives Training Classification Program
  • A safe, secure and enjoyable learning environment with multiple instructors

Thumbs up over broken boulder

Students removing boulders to clear a roadway at a  Sumpter, Oregon gold mine.