Blasting Services

Any time anywhere, under any conditions, we have the team to get it done. – In this photo we are blasting to help recover a tipped excavator.


How we can help you?

Construction – Roadways, Basements, Swimming Pools

Danger Trees and Stumps

Demolition – Using explosives can be safer and less expensive

EOD – Explosives Ordnance Disposal

Excavation – Utility Trenching

Fire Line – Fire break blasting

Landslide Mitigation and Boulder Removal

Mining – Gold, Gemstone, Aggregate  MSHA Certified

Utility Line Splicing – Special imploding sleeves crimp power lines instantly

Water Well Springing – Strategic charges will get the water pressure up and flowing

Our special off road trailer and vehicles allow us to move materials, gear and work anywhere.



We have also founded the Blasters Exchange Group

This allows us to network with other blasters and explosive specialists for talent, materials and storage across the United States and around the world.