About Us

American Explosives Group, Inc.

Established is 2008 by President, Jack W. Peters, and it is now America’s premier explosives and blasting training center.

Jack started his writing, speaking and training career after graduating from Northwest Christian University, Eugene, Oregon, with a Bachelors in Management focusing on building high performance teams. 

Jack teaches team and leadership skills to the largest corporations in the world and these skills are incorporated into every explosives training program.  Students are divided into teams and must communicate and work together to compete each blasting task.  Every student participates hands-on, under the direct supervision of our world-class instructor team.  There is simply no other way to learn the art and science of explosives.  We all contribute and learn from each other creating a safe, exciting and effective learning environment students will never forget.

We are honored to work with so many excellent students from a variety of industries and careers.  If you are an employee, we will help you work safer and more efficiently.  If you wish to be your own blaster, we can help you obtain your own ATF license to conduct your business within the federal and state laws and regulations.

Come join us!  Have a career with the excitement and challenge very few will ever experience.  Get your training and earn your patch!   ~ Jack

Our Team is the Difference

We work with some of the world’s best explosives specialists to teach and conduct any form of blasting needed.  Meet our Leadership Team:

Duane R. ‘Matt’ Mattson
Instructor and Anti-Terrorism Specialist

Tyson Krieger
Vice President and Instructor
Email:     tyson@americanexplosivesgroup.com

Matt A. Byers
Class Instructor & Demolition Specialist

Jack W. Peters
President & Instructor
Office Phone   541 726-2660
Email:     jack@americanexplosivesgroup.com

Company Nuts and Bolts

  • An Oregon Corporation with HQ in Springfield
  • Company established in 2008 under NWEA, LLC.
  • Federal ATF Type 20 high explosives manufacture’s license
  • Explosive storage magazines with a 20,000 lb capacity
  • MSHA Certified Personnel for Surface, Underground and Instructors
  • Insured through Lloyds of London
  • Our instructors and personnel are the best blasters available-Commercial, Mining, Military or Law Enforcement
  • Consulting and training available for blasting related topics including MSAH, OSHA, security and safety.
  • We write our own books: Explosives and Blasting and Explosives, IEDs and Breaching for Law Enforcement
  • Classes can be at your facility or one of our locations throughout the United States.
Jack with dynamite
                                     Jack W. Peters